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Let your students experience the wonders of the universe, from walking on the moon, to searching for life on Mars, to probing the mysteries of distant stars and galaxies.

Schedule a visit from acclaimed author and science journalist Andrew Chaikin. He has experience with all grade levels, from kindergarten to college.

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Subjects: Astronomy, Geology and Earth Science, Space History, Space Art
Experience with all grade levels
Presentations tailored to your students’ needs
School-wide assemblies
Classroom visits with hands-on demonstrations
Teacher workshops

Clients: Phillips Exeter Academy, NH * Wooster School, CT * Burr and Burton Academy, VT * North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics * Merion School, PA * Cooke School, NY * Will Rogers School, CA * Brown University * Brooklyn Academy of Music * Boston University * Iowa Spacegrant Consortium * Wisconsin Space Education Initiative * Royal Astronomical Society * Adler Planetarium, Chicago * American University * Astronaut Hall of Fame * Hayden Planetarium, NYC * NASA * Pacific Science Center, WA * US Air Force * Smithsonian * JFK Library, Boston (Guest Historian school visits)


“Andrew Chaikin somehow manages to combine the knowledge of a space engineer, the writing of a seasoned science journalist, and the speaking talents of a prized professor, to bring the past, present, and future of space exploration down to Earth. Nobody does it better.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist & Director, Hayden Planetarium, New York City

“Amazing, incredible, a natural teacher….”

“He talked to first graders at a level they could understand, and his presentation was appropriately elevated for the older students.”

“Our reading specialist commented that she had never seen the kids so excited about an author’s visit before!”

Comments of Teachers at Merion Elementary School, Merion, Pennsylvania:

“Andy Chaikin is a walking history book of space exploration and space science. No one is more knowledgeable, more energetic, or has better pictures than Andy. His slides and wonderful personal stories kept 550 high school students listening to his every word.”

Myra J. Halpin, Ph.D., North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

“Your energy, insight, knowledge and delivery were just wonderful and widely appreciated…. our feelings are shared by the many students you encountered.”

Thomas Hassan, Vice Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy

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